Tips on how to run a workshop

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Tips on running a workshop

Never run a workshop before? - Don't worry the AIPT is here to help.

If you have a workshop planned please complete the AIPT booking form in advance, so we can try and ensure your event does not clash with anything else

Those who can, do – those who can’t, teach. Or so the saying goes. But when it comes to teaching creative subjects, those who do are often the best of teachers.

Doing it “just for the money or prestige is not fair on the students or yourself”. 

Do plenty of research. 

Is there anyone nearby you can team up with for confidence and shared responsibility?

Is the date already booked? (check our web site calendar page - Then fill out your booking form)

Is your proposed venue suitable for everyones mobility?

Be prepared to adapt according to the needs of your prospective customers. 

Do you have public Liability Insurance? Many venues may cover your event, but check to make sure. If working from home you will need it.

If the workshop is over a weekend, can the venue provide disabled facilities and special diets?

Is there accessible public transport?

Does the venue have parking facilities?

Will the venue allow you to use extention leads for extra lighting?

What are you going to do about refreshments (ie tea, coffee, snacks etc)?

Do you have a contract with the venue? - What happens if you ask them to reserve x number of rooms and you cant fill them?

What happens if the venue is forced to close?

What happens if some one is ill and cant make the workshop? - can you refund their money?

What is it going to cost? (Venue hire, refreshments, meals, accomodation, materials, photocopying. etc)

Are the tables sturdy, and the chairs a decent height?

Dont let all this put you off

Parchment work is enjoyable and a pleasure.

Its a good way to get to know new people.

Introduce your self and your customers to each other. Perhaps do a table plan.

Do you have sufficient equipment to lend to customers who dont have what is required?

Plan your project. What subject seems to be trending? Is it coming up to Christmas, Easter etc.

After your first workshop, you will feel more adventurous.

The AIPT has further information for tutors on how to run your class or workshop. E mail Pat for details