Exhibition weekend 2019

Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors

With Parchment Craft Tutors at Heart

Set up night

Exhibition Day

Starters & Dessert

Too busy eating to take photos of Main Course! - Braised Beef; Fish & Chips or Chicken Curry

Exhibitors & Retailers Included:

Pat Murphy ; Susan Moran ; Jackie Rainbow ; Judith Maslen ; Sally Burrell ; Maria Maidment ;Mary Price ;                      Penny North ;  Sue Langman ; Hilary Sibley ;  Tracey Aldred ; Lesley Shore ; Gabrielle Liszkay-Robbins ; Sara Keen ;        Mair Peak  ;  Gillian Collins ; Gabriella Sara ; Karen Fitzpatrick Heather Thomas ; Ria van Avondt ;                     Rosemarie Vandenhoeck ; Rosa Cordons ; Sharon Canning ; Ruth Fielding ;Marguerite Casey  ; Linda Laverty ; Kim Thomas ; Celia Preston  ; Alison Yeates ; Me​ryl Marriott with parchment craft needs &more            Ribbons and Crystals ; Peter Richardson ~ Olive Green Crafts ;  Association of Parchment Craft 

Fantastic Creations ~ Karen Fitzpatrick                                   


It was a busy day, with lots of beautiful work on display. Tutors were ready and willing to demonstrate techniques, designers were there with a vast array of patterns for sale, and there was a large variety of items on sale from parchment nececcities, beads, ribbons, wooden frames, equipment holders & even back issues of magaznes.

It was quite warm, and the hotel kept us supplied with water. The previous day's rain cleared up, and the sun came out affording beautiful views across the bay.

AIPT Exhibition Carlton Hotel, Torquay 2019