Lockdown Challenge

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Challenge 10

Anniversary Lace designed by Tatsu Shibata

Example worked by Mary Price

Challenge 11


designed by Tatsue Shibata


It is a decoration of sacred rice-straw rope.

The decoration will be displayed at the entrance on New Year's Day in Japan. 


It comes from God and is really difficult to explain

I apologise that the complete pieces can not be viewed as a whole, as they are too big. Shrinking the images will not show your beautiful work to its best advantage


A few peices to challenge you during the lock down.

Work will be posted in the order it was recieved.

It is never too late to submit your artwork

Challenge 9

Designed by Susan Moran

Example by Susan Moran

Challenge 8

Designed by Julie Roces
Example worked by Pat Murphy

Challenge 6

Dresden style Bouquet

Designed by Julie Roces

Example painted by Pat Murphy

Challenge 4

Designed by Amanda Yeh

Example worked by Amanda Yeh

Challenge 3

Designed by Dorothy Holness

Example worked by Pat Murphy