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Patricia Murphy ~ Principal of AIPT

Regional Co-ordinator for South and South West

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Susan Moran

Regional Co-ordinator North

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Mary Price

Lesson Planner co-ordinator

Video Tutorial Development Advisor &

Regional Co-ordinator South East

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Mandy Holmes

Co-ordinator for Cornwall

Valerie Walker

Co-ordinator for Northern Ireland & Scotland

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Marcia Wood Krentz

Regional Co-ordinator Wales & IT Specialist

E Mail Marcia

Yvonne Hill

 Regional Co-ordinator  East

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Sally Burrell

Regional Co-ordinator Midlands

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Elizabeth Willey

Co-ordinator for Australia / Master Tutor

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Saima Asghar

Co-ordinator for Pakistan

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Heather Attwater

 Co-ordinator for Canada & America

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Lesley Dempsey

Web Design & Administration

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