level 1

Academy of Independent Parchment Craft Tutors

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Level 1

The projects will demonstrate your ability and must show the following techniques:

 Tracing with white ink

Tracing with a white pencil

Solid embossing Embossing with Star/Sun tools

Stippling An edge perforated with 2-needle tool and then cut out

A lace border with any multi needle tools

A sample of 4-needle tool lace work.

It is acceptable to do your perforations on a grid but please do your embossing freehand and not use the grid for your dots.

Dorsing using Dorso crayons and/or blendable pencils. (Using a single colour and also more than one colour)

On receipt of your application, you will be sent a set of 7 patterns via e-mail, complete with instructions, which you must complete and send in.

These will cover the techniques above.

You will also be accepted into the Tuition AIPT Facebook page where there is help at hand.

After the assessment, you will receive your work back together with feedback and advice as necessary.

When you are successful, you will receive a First Level Academy Tutor Certificate and will become a member of the UK Teacher Network.

You will also receive some guidance on starting up your own classes.

If and when you are ready, you can then go on to Level 2 (Optional).